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Advanced Coach Accelerator

Learn how to become the Top 5% of coaches in the world

Do you belong in the next Cohort?

What's this about the Top 5%?

Did you know that only about 10% of coaches break the six-figure mark and stay there? And of those, only 5% are thriving in business AND in their personal lives. At ACX, we believe there's room for all of us at the top, especially if "the top" means "a life and business that lights us up". 

You got into coaching because you wanted to help others while fulfilling your own purpose and making bank. So... why are you stressed out from being overworked or under-inspired? Why do you sometimes wake up terrified that all of your clients are going to quit at the same time? What has you question whether or not your coaching is making a big enough difference to keep your clients coming back (and sending more referrals your way!)? 

What is ACX?

Advanced Training + Coach Supervision +  Mastermind. An elite community of coaches, facilitators, and leaders. A coaching collective that will keep you in the Top 5% of coaches worldwide.


Why ACX?

You're smart, talented, and amazing at what you do - too smart for gimmicky ads with no substance. You're hungry for deeply impactful, continued coach education. This is no fluff, no BS, real deal training and feedback - delivered with heart, fun, authenticity, and spirit .

Build Your Brand with

Ethics and Integrity

Your coach training might not have prepared you for the real world  solutions you need to build an impactful, sustainable business. 


 ACX provides high quality, continued education on core competency skills, integrative leadership development, business building, enrollment skills, and coaching feedback.

Grow Your Business to

the Next Level

We've met far too many people who've spent thousands of dollars on training, only to feel disempowered around their own business.

Being a masterful coach means constantly growing and evolving. ACX brings the "woo-woo" and the "To Do" together for an advanced coach curriculum that will push you out of your comfort zone again and again.

Develop Your Energetic Intelligence

You are more than a shiny facade or a results-driven robot! We train your IQ, EQ, and EnQ - even if you don't know what that means yet.


ACX is designed to nurture and develop the whole person and the whole business. 

Who is ACX for, and what will you create?

Hear it from some of our clients:

Wellness Coach

Option 1: ACX - Coaching feedback and Credential Support - Now Enrolling
for Fall 2021

Option 2: ACX Elite - Training, Comprehensive Business Building, Group Coaching, and more - Enrolling for Jan 2022

This is for you if:

- you're seeking support with ICF credentialing,

- you're hungry for feedback and critiques on your own coaching,

- you're intrigued by new EnQ tools and distinctions,

- you know it's lonely at the top, and you want community and support with brilliant, ambitious peers

  • 4 months training and accountability

  • A lifetime of elite community

  • 8 hours of live training

  • Monthly Peer Review  

  • AND 2 PCC or MCC reviewed coaching calls for your portfolio and ICF application

  • Intro to EnQ & Core Competency Accelerator

  • 1:1 calls with expert coaches at reduced rates for ACX members

  • Expert support with credential application and process, high level coaching skills and feedback, community feedback and support. ACX is your new coaching mastermind + group coaching + integrity and accountability structure

  Program Cost: $2600 or $697/month for 4 months

   Maximum of 4 participants per cohort

+ BONUS Training! Client Creation from Ease and Authenticity ($1200 value)

4 spots remain 

This is for you if: 1. you've had some coach training, 2. you want to go deeper and get more advanced skills and feedback, and 3. you want to add EnQ to tools you use with your own clients.

  • 4 months of training (tools, coaching feedback, and guest expert workshops),

  • PLUS 2 months of integration support (6 months of support for the price of 4)

  • A lifetime community of elite coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders

  • 30 hours of ICF-accreditation level training

  • 12 live training calls held via Zoom video conferencing 

  • 2 PCC or MCC reviewed coaching calls for your portfolio + 4 peer reviewed calls for training and accountability support as you pursue your next ICF credential 

  • Energetic Intelligence (EnQ) training and certification eligibility. ICF Accreditation pending.

  • 1:1 calls with expert coaches at reduced rates

  • Templates and resources to use with your own clients

  • Expert support with marketing, branding, sales, enrollment, signature package creation, and authentic client creation so you can release the hustle mentality and fully enjoy the life and business of being a masterful coach!

Next cohort: January 2022

Tuition: $4,327 

(2 scholarship spots still open for reduced tuition. Contact for more information) 

Payment plans available

Jennifer C.

Chief Communications Officer

and Presentation Coach

"I thought I knew everything there was to know about authentic communication! The 7 Wheels framework revealed some decades-old blindspots, and gave me the tools to create real shifts for my team and clients."

Devin T. 

Former COO, Current Management Coach and Consultant

"I got more than my money's worth from this.

I actually learned how to enjoy my success instead of chasing the elusive 'more' for the rest of my life. AND I got my PCC!"

Rebecca R. 

Relationship Coach

"I had some coach training, but I knew there was more to this business... The framework and community from this training completely overhauled my business!

I went from $2k/month to $8k/month in less than two months!"

Meet The Core Team

This is for you IF....
  •  You've ever wanted to throw in the towel because your business feels hard or impossible to grow...

  • You have more self-doubt than you have structure, accountability, or wins

  • Your business is gobbling up all of your time and energy, leaving you stressed and drained

  • You want to know what Energetic Intelligence has to do with building your empire 

Kacey Cardin, PCC

Kacey Cardin, PCC

Founder and Coach

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Kacey is an Executive + Leadership Coach for high performers who struggle with Imposter Syndrome, overwhelm, and the "Not Enoughs". She has trained and mentored hundreds of coaches and leaders, and is known for impactful feedback and laser insights. 

Lisa Pachence

Lisa Pachence, PCC

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Lisa is an Executive Life Coach for ambitious but exhausted female Entrepreneurs and Professionals. As an Elite Coach for coaches, Lisa brings deep insights, strategic tactics, and masterful partnership to enact transformative life changes. 

Jeff Zacharski

Jeff Zacharski, PCC

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Jeff is a high-impact leadership development and Executive Coach with a background in technical wizardry. He has served as a Mentor Coach for three years, and he's known for bringing vision, play, and velocity to training and transformation.